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"The Monster Press"

One of the largest platen presses in the world!

Its 11 ft. x 5.5ft. press bed is operated using eight, two stage, 50 ton hydraulic jacks. Embossing power galore, yet can be nuanced by the master printmaker to be remarkably sensitive.  Accepts full plywood sheets for reduction printing and of course, large sized paper for monoprinting.

Gravity Press _3.jpeg

There are a total of seven platen presses available.

Although rarely used, this roller press (formerly owned by Helen Frankenthaler) was graciously donated by Thomas Krens and is available for use. 

In addition to typical brayers and large rollers found in many print shops, we also have an assortment of unique textural implements on hand.


Gravity Press has pioneered the use of safer clean-up protocols, i.e. greener materials.

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