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Queen's University Senior Art ProjectS

This page is in large part a tribute to my dear friend, Canadian Printmaker, Professor Otis Tamasauskas. 

Otis, for thirty three years, taught his students not only the finer points of print making but firmly (and laughingly) lead them down the challenging path of deeper learning, financial and artistic self-actualization as well as cooperation with their fellow students.

For twenty five of those years he brought his students to North Adams Massachusetts to spend an intensive three days printing reduction wood cuts from full sheets of plywood at Gravity Press as their senior project.

For some, a once in a lifetime experience.

For others a beginning, a taste of the larger art making world.

University vans full of students, carved & dremeled  plywood, ink and brayers; navigating traffic, border officials and sometimes snow drifts, would arrive, set up residence in the Beaver Mill, cook a huge communal meal (Cabbage rolls & Thai Chicken galore) and begin printing in earnest the following days. 

Otis has finally retired from QU and is focusing on his own masterful art work.

Perhaps another professor will take up the challenge soon?



Otis and Brandon discussing student progress.

Gravity Press at Work _2.jpeg
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